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Photo Gallery

Album 2 Album 2 Burl Slabs 204405230 Yellow Birch Burl 204405217 Yellow Birch Burl 204405222 Yellow Birch Burl 204405218 Yellow Birch Burl 204405219 Yellow Birch Burl 204405220 Yellow Birch Burl Yellow Birch Burl 102728622 Burl Queen Burl,Garnet, & Fools Gold with White Cedar frame 199033736 Black Walnut Computer Desk 33227010 Black Walnut Sofa Table 33227012 Black Walnut Computer Desk 33227014 Spalted Maple Sofa Table 36464392 Spalted Maple Sofa Table 36464393 Yellow Birch Burl 39383925 Yellow Birch Burl 39383926 Butternut Maple Wine Rack Butternut Maple Wine Rack 88142772 Butternut Maple Wine Rack Butternut Maple Wine Rack 88142774 Maple Burl Lamp Maple Burl Lamp 102728620 Maple Burl Table Maple Burl Table 102728623 Maple Lamp Maple Lamp 102728625 Spalted Maple Spalted Maple 102728627 Twisted Tree Maple Twisted Tree Maple 102728629 Maple Sofa Table Maple Sofa Table 102728633 Maple Lamp Maple Lamp 102728637 Maple "Hooves" Maple Hooves 102728639 Twisted Tree Maple Bed Twisted Tree Maple Bed 102728640 Maple Burl Coffee Table 183492493 Twisted Tree Maple Bed Twisted Tree Maple Bed 102728641 Black Walnut/Applewood Black Walnut/Applewood 102728642 Yellow Birch Burl Table Yellow Birch Burl Table 102728645 spalted yellow birch burl spalted yellow birch burl 160259647 yellow birch/red & white oak yellow birch/red & white oak 160259648 black walnut coffee table black walnut coffee table 160259652 beaver lamp beaver lamp 160259653 birch/spruce/maple Crane Neck table 160259656 spalted yellow birch spalted yellow bich 160259657 Cherry Chair 204405224 Cherry Chair 204405226 Twin Moose Coffee table 204405227 Twin Moose Coffee table 204405229