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Photo Gallery

Album 1 Album 1 Maple Burl 204405156 Maple Burl 204405154 Maple Burl 204405153 Maple Burl 204405157 Maple Burl 204405152 Spalted Yellow Birch w/cedar root base 10128500 White Pine Coffee Table 199034970 Maple/Apple/Maple 10128662 Maple Burl w/Yellow Birch root base 10128682 Maple Burl Table top view 10128684 White Pine w/ White Cedar root base 10128683 Twin Ponds Spalted Yellow birch with river rock inlay 10179711 Ausable River rock inlay 10179713 Cedar Chandelier 10179714 Cedar chandelier 10179680 Maple Wall Art "Gorrilla" 10179710 Maple table lamp 10179715 Tiger Yellow Birch 10179723 Maple burl table top 10179741 Maple end stand 10179745 Maple end stand 10179724 Maple burl lamp 10248463 Maple burl lamp 10248442 Yellow Birch/Spruce table stand "Run away Spruce legs" 10249886 Yellow Birch table "Mickey Mouse Ears" 10249890 Maple burl lamp 10249887 White Pine/White Cedar Pub table 10249891 White Pine table top 10249837 Red Cedar Pub Table 183492216 Maple/Cedar end table 10249840 Jewelry Case 183492219 White Pine/Cedar base coffee table 10285629 White Pine coffee table "Smiling Face" 10409107 White Pine/Cedar root base coffee table 10409108 White Pine/White Cedar pub table w/Maple seat stools 10409111 Maple burl end table 10409094 Maple burl end table Burl Top w/burl legs 11223227 Open Bath Vanity White Pine/Butternut/Yellow Birch 11330335 Red Cedar family dining table 15277822 Maple Burl end table 15277826 Spalted Maple coffee table 15277827 Cherry Burl Lamp 15277835